Allcomers Competition – 27th August 2022

The Committee has taken on board the recent change in Assessments for Nationals – and realise that currently – as there is no longer any need for Assessments – many competitors will not be seen by judges, and therefore may have no knowledge of how they are doing.

The City Of Sails Allcomers Competition was always aimed at being the last competition before Nationals – because by then any competitors would have either been assessed and / or been judged at a Club Competition level.

This year – things are slightly different. There are no Assessments required – so – the committee – in trying to help all dancers – has decided to move the Allcomers Competition forward – from September – to 27th August.

That way – any competitors and coaches – will now have two months to adjust their routines if they need to instead, giving them the best opportunity to gain higher points for their routines.

Please email for your entry form.

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