AGM 2021 Update

AGM UPDATE – from the office of the new President

Following the AGM that was held yesterday – May 16th 2021 – we have a new committee

President – Linda McAllister

Vice-President – Debbie Sparks

Treasurer – Jeanette Greaves

Secretary – Leeyan Stephens

Committee – Corrine Hill, Ann Lorenzen, Paul Burgess, Doug Martin and Kristina Barnett

I welcome all Committee Members – I am excited to be working with the new team – and look forward to the upcoming year working for City of Sails Rock n Roll Revival Club

I hope that I can do you all proud

A bit about me – if you want to know – I have been around for years

I have been on previous committees – and served as President as well

And – I was even Treasurer of the NZRNRA for two years

I originally got in to dance for my children – who went on to compete for C.O.S

They even gave me grandchildren – and yes – one of them also danced for C.O.S.

And then – low and behold I danced as well – and competed for C.O.S.

Currently – although I enjoy sailing – I also coach some of our Club Juniors – and look forward to helping any seniors that would also like to compete

Yours in Rock


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